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"How to Live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET 
for AWESOME Health and Success."  

You can have joy, even if you've tried the Raw Food Diet Before!


Important Note - It's essential when doing the raw food diet to make sure that it's low fat and not high fat.

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"This book is a tremendously motivating guide to Living Foods that is not only informative, but "user-friendly"!   

The recipe section is phenomenal; the meal preparation hints and tips are practical & useful.  I have personally felt an improvement in my own health very rapidly through simply incorporating a few of his many excellent suggestions into my family's diet. 

His relaxed approach to a Raw Food lifestyle brings the joy back into living.  I would recommend this book to all my clients."

Jan Chamberlain 
Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

By purchasing the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet you get...

  • Physical Restoration and Rejuvenation!

  • Weight loss like you never dreamed of.

  • A new self-image that expands your goals and dreams.

  • Increased energy and endurance.

  • Enhanced physical beauty and youthfulness.

With the massively increasing interest in raw food, and the huge rise in ebook usage, this Raw Food Ebook is proving to be the next 'Fit for Life' Bestseller.

Discover the secrets to having the physical body you've always dreamed of, mental clarity and focus, and more energy than ever before.

The Raw Food Diet is ranked as one of the Seven Most Popular Diets in the World by Medical News Today! 

(Article at - Feb 11, 2004)

Christopher is also the author of 

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The book has been great reading so far.  I like the style of your writing.  You communicate through the words like talking to me.  I relate to so much that you say.

Wayne Roy
Townsville, Australia



From:  Christopher Westra

Author: How to Live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET for Awesome Health and Success

Dear Friend,

If you want the vibrant glowing health and extra energy that comes from a raw and living food diet, the satisfaction and joy that comes from eating pure light-filled food, and if you want the increased focus and success that this diet creates.. then this might be the most important health information you'll ever read.

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel the abundant vitality of a child again?

Picture of Christopher and family


"I DID enjoy the book so much. 

I am a fifty-four year old woman. Through learning to change my diet, I have witnessed God's miracles in my behalf. Intestinal polyps and gall-stones have been removed without surgery. Bouts of complete deafness have been reversed to almost normal hearing. Numbness from the elbow to the fingers has been reversed. Tremors and arthritic symptoms have diminished to almost nothing. I am able to work manual labor with energy now with hopes in a future.

Christopher's book is a youthful, fresh perspective for a youthful, fresh subject, that of living foods. He makes the change into this life-style fun, taking the stress out of it which can be detrimental in itself. His recipes are wonderful!"

May you be blessed in your efforts.
Bonnie Boren 


You can have someone with experience teach you how to start the raw food life


Christopher Westra has helped many health seekers increase their vitality through raw food!

He provides in this book a unique flexible plan that makes raw eating possible!

Don't listen to anyone who isn't getting the results you want!  What are some of the personal results he has obtained?

  • He has cut his need for sleep by over two hours per night, making extra time for more living!

  • Christopher has a list of over 65 personal benefits from the raw food diet, listed in chapter one!

  • He has increased the variety of his personal diet to over 200 raw foods.  These are listed in chapter seven.   

  • His long-standing bursitis is completely gone!  

  • His hair is thicker, and thin spots are completely filling in!   

  • He has an increased vision and purpose in life!

  • His daily energy level continues to increase month by month.

  • Are you starting to see how the raw food diet could benefit you?

Christopher has been studying nutrition, psychology, personal potential, and joyful living for over 20 years


Get specifics about the raw food diet! someone who has experience.

If you want to learn how to consistently gain the energy, focus, and vitality to achieve your dreams, then you need the information in this book!


Read this book and find out how the raw food diet can affect your sexuality.  There is an entire chapter about living food and sexuality.  What you read may surprise you.  The change has certainly been a benefit in my life.


Here are just some of the mind-expanding secrets this book has for you

  • The #1 mistake most people make when starting raw foods, and how to do the exact opposite for success! (page 59)

  • How to keep yourself physically satisfied on raw foods by eating the proper amount of raw plant fats. (Hint - It's probably more than you think)
    (page 53 and 71)

  • The sixteen real reasons for food cravings, and what to do about each one. (page 85)

  • Why you should follow all of the 'eating guidelines' most of the time, but break each rule at least some of the time!
    (page 19)

  • How to ensure your success by increasing the number of reasons you have for switching to raw food. (page 161)

  • How your thoughts influence your progress, and how to reprogram your thinking for joy and success! (page 38)

  • Why a flexible approach to raw foods will ensure success much better than a rigid approach. (page 18)

  • The awesome truth about the taste awakenings that result from a raw diet. (page 75)

What's really amazing is how much time you save on the raw food diet.  You may not realize how much time and energy you expend cooking and cleaning!  Not anymore!

With the raw food diet, you choose how much time you want to spend.  You can eat simply and lightly when you want, or you can take some time to prepare wonderful combinations and recipes.

It's a very free feeling to have more control over your time.


  • How to visualize the health you want in a way that activates your subconscious mind to create your health for you! (page 32)

  • What the organization says about the number of species on this earth, and what this means for raw food! (page 25)

  • Several unique ways of using the most powerful raw food appliance in the world to create wonderful living recipes. (page 145)

  • A four page list of positive societal changes that could result when large numbers of people switch back to raw food. (pages 168 - 171)

  • Other lifestyle factors that work with raw food to accelerate the health and success you achieve. (page 173)

  • A suggested reading list full of books to further your motivation, skills, and knowledge about raw foods and the raw life. (page 31)

  • Specific ways to get along happily in a cooked food world while on the raw food diet. (page 137)  Hint - don't be a preacher.

  • How to tell, using specific guidelines, how you are doing in the area of physical performance. (page 89)  We are capable of much more...

  • Why now is the best and easiest time to get into raw food because of the tremendous number of raw food options available. (page 179)

When you feel better physically, and look better, your entire life just goes better.  I found that even my relationships improved!

You will find that with increased well being and energy, you naturally interact with others in a healthier, more positive way.  You simply have more energy to connect with others in a meaningful way!

The Raw Food Movement is growing in an 
incredibly rapid way.  

  • The raw food journey is an adventure that will transform who you are.

  • The raw food options are exploding into health food stores and online websites throughout the world.

  • Discover the benefits that others are experiencing.. 

  • There are people all over the world eating raw food.  When you begin you will become aware of them.  These are people just like you who decided to create a new lifestyle.  They just decided to begin, and you can too!

Why an Ebook?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are reading Ebooks and Here's Why

1  Save Money - No shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices.   

2  Control Viewing - Read online or print out a hardcopy.  

3  Read Easily - Enlarge or reduce text size with a click.

4  Navigate Easily -  Hyperlinked Table of Contents.

5  Search Effortlessly Search capabilities with PDF format.

6  Purchase Easily Use Credit Card, book is delivered digitally.

7  Access Instantly - You will be reading your book within minutes.

8  Choose Printing Options Print a few pages at a time.

9  Save Paper Print multiple pages on one sheet.

10 Be Guilt Free No fossil fuels used for Ebook distribution.

11 Enjoy Variety - Able to change text and background colors

  • How to live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET for AWESOME Health and Success is (including bonuses below) 230 pages in PDF (Adobe) format.

  • You can get the Adobe Reader absolutely free (if you don't already have it).

  • The downloading process is simple - even if you have never done it before.  Your books will be on your personal computer, and you will be able to access them at anytime. Simple instructions are on the download page.

  • If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your books.  My customers are my business!   

We are all seeking for increased life and increased health.  You must be a health seeker to have attracted this site to you, and to have read this far.  

We are all striving for the same goals (health, happiness, wealth, freedom, achievement, purpose).  I tell you sincerely that nothing else has increased my realization of these goals more than doing the 'raw food experiment.'

We have all heard the saying "You are What You Eat".  Over the months your body is literally reconstructed with different materials.  This leads to awesome changes in beliefs, goals, habits, dreams, and possibilities.  This is the true power of the raw food diet! 


Please Note: Do NOT buy any book on raw foods unless it contains the following:

One: Explains a joyful and do-able approach to the raw food lifestyle!

Two: Explores the reasons for wanting vibrant health for yourself.  Everyone wants health and wealth, but only a few have the reasons to make it a reality!

Three: Allows for flexibility and personal growth into the raw food life.

Four: Addresses cravings from both a mental and physical standpoint, along with the underlying reasons for these cravings.

Five: Gives you the big picture of what raw foods can do for you.  The raw food life literally propels you into a goal-achieving individual!

Six: Includes a how-to chapter about the raw food diet while traveling.

Seven: Delivers practical raw food information from someone who has real experience living the raw life.

Eight: Gives you the pros and cons of going 100% raw cold turkey versus taking a more gradual approach.

Nine: Includes a questionnaire to help you figure out whether you have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to go 100% raw at this time.

Ten: Offers an entire chapter on saving money with raw foods.  I'll admit, eating raw can be expensive if you don't do it the right way.  But you can actually save money if you know the right places to get quality food.


Another benefit to the raw food diet is how clean you feel inside. Feeling clean and light is awesome!

Your entire body begins to purify from the inside out, until the energy and radiance shine from your skin.

Your health and success are worth it!

  • Thousands of people throughout the world are returning to the raw food diet intended as the diet for all creatures on planet earth. 

  • Out of thousands of species on earth, only one species eats cooked food!  We are actually in the minority.  Which species has the most health problems?    

  • I'll confess that the idea of 100% raw food can be quite a change.  It was for me a couple of years ago.  But listen to your heart - doesn't it make sense?

  • I'll let you in on a secret.  There are some sacrifices.  But over time the benefits get greater and greater, and the sacrifices grow smaller and smaller.  Your tastes literally awaken - living food tastes so good!

  • To get the benefits, you must have faith and hope to begin.  To begin, you need the knowledge and skills in this Raw Food Diet ebook.  

You get immediate and convenient access to:

How to live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET for AWESOME Health and Success along with some extra bonuses for acting now.

If you respond right away, you pay the introductory price of only $22.70


Christopher also does Personal Raw Food Consultations  

$50 for 1/2 hour
$90 for 1 hour

Services offered during these phone consultations are:

  • Continued Motivation

  • Transition to the Raw Diet

  • Handling Cravings

  • How to get Raw Fats

  • Personal Diet Analysis

  • Weight Loss through the Raw Diet

  • How to focus on The End Result You Want

  • How to Keep Flexible and Free with the Diet

  • Whatever You Need for Success 

I'll work with you where you are at right now.  Everyone has different goals, purposes, and tastes.  Contact the Support Desk at


Order now and receive the following free bonuses.

I know the raw food life has given me tremendous benefits.  I want to include these bonuses to give you every possible reason to say YES to this offer today!  I'm thinking of adding some more bonus recipes soon and raising the price for this book, so don't delay.

If you respond immediately, in addition to the book, you'll also receive the following:

FREE BONUS - 26 RAW FOOD RECIPES You will not find these 26 recipes anywhere else!  My wife and I used some of these recipes to serve a complete raw food dinner at the Yardley Inn and Spa!  The Almond Cookies and Blueberry Ice Cream are incredible!  Try out main dishes, smoothies, salads, and desserts.  Enjoy the awesome taste sensations of Apple Walnut Pie, Easy Avocado dip, and Watermelon Delight.

FREE BONUS - Common Raw Food Questions and Answers A free ten page list of the most common questions and answers about living food.  Questions include how to maintain a flexible approach, how to get full on raw plant food, and how much water to drink.  

FREE Bonus - E-mail Consultation:  For a limited time, you will receive personal answers to two questions you have about raw food.  Note - I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with these personal questions, so act now!

Super Bonus For the Next 50 Customers!! - For the next 50 customers to order, I'll give you three more free books.  

FREE Bonus Book #1 - Easy Stress Cure 30 Day Program:   Easy Stress Cure tells you how to manifest more flow in your life and eliminate Stress, Worry, and Anxiety.  It's a great health companion to the Raw Food Diet.  All stress is caused by resistance and blockage.

Nearly every difficulty in life is caused by resistance.  Blow your limitations away and feel the exhilaration of acceptance and flow!

FREE BONUS #2 - The Science of Getting RichYou will also be given the Ebook that started me on creating my own reality and following my purpose.  I spend 30 minutes a day with this book!  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich.  This book teaches the step by step system that Mr. Wattles says will not fail!  The abundance you will recognize in your life will feel awesome.

It does tell you how to get rich, but it tells you so much more than that also.  The teachings sent shivers up my spine the first time I read it.  I felt the universe "open up" to new possibilities for me and I was filled with Hope and Enthusiasm.  This is the original book with all of Dr. Wattle's famous teachings about transforming your life!

FREE BONUS Book "I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization"  The next 50 customers will also receive this book free.  "I Create Reality" is about How to Materialize Your Heart's Desires Through Holographic Creation.  See More about this book at the site  This book alone is worth $39 so you are getting quite a package here. 

After twenty years of studying, reading, and application, these Principles of Reality Creation and Visualization with Emotion finally crystallized in an inspirational burst over the course of two days.  I fill out a HoloCreation Sheet every day and it's the most effective action I do.

If you want to create your own reality, this might be the book that starts you on the road to massive abundance!

Order now to get all four books, plus the 26 recipes!


You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose with a 100% money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is absolutely assured through our no risk,  100%, no-questions-asked,  money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price! 

Please note that you don't have to live on 100 percent raw food in order for this book to enrich your life.  Satisfy your curiosity without risk.  You have the opportunity to:

Try it out for two full months - risk free.  Your transaction is secure and safe, and the download process is simple.  Try it today, even if this is your first Ebook.  If you need help downloading, just email me or call me after purchase and I will help!  About every tenth customer needs help downloading because it's new for them - That's OK!  Be Bold Today.

If my Raw Food Diet Book doesn't give you solid, practical information to increase your health and success dramatically, then you get all your money back!   

You have nothing to lose (and an awesome new body to gain), so order now.

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You will be downloading and reading this information within just a few minutes... and using it to build the body and lifestyle you deserve!

To your health and success,

Christopher Westra

P.S. - How to Implement the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET with these bonuses is priced at $39. I can't guarantee how long the introductory price of $22.70 will last, so act now!

P.P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this book, where will you be weeks from now?  Probably right where you are now. Positive change comes from new ideas.  Get the health and success you want through the motivation and information provided in this book. 

Wouldn't you like to have increased energy, more focus for goals and dreams, and a youthful body and mind? 

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click Here NOW 




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