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You came to this site because you are trying to decide what to do about the life inside you.  Any decision in your life will be better made if you have the largest and most accurate perspective.  This short site will give you some tools for increasing your perspective and help you make your decision.

This website is devoted to Increased Life for allMy name is Christopher Westra and I write books about Time, Consciousness, and Creating the Reality you desire (links below).  

This site is specifically for women  who are deciding whether to keep their baby or have an abortion.

The underlying message behind all my books is "You are greater than you think you are - and this world is not all there is".  Tremendous purpose and peace are available through these ideas because it's the truth, and it gives you a context of meaning and power!

The decision about an abortion is yours.  I can't do anything from this website to take away your choice.  All I ask is that you check out the links below and the brief comparisons so that your decision is made from the greatest perspective.

We make better choices when we have the whole picture of reality rather than a fragmented picture.  Have the courage to read this website and check out these links as you make your decision about your baby.

Note - These links all open up a new window, so it's easy to return here.

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Short story about a baby in the womb - Angel In The Waters

Here is a story about a woman who "died" and went to the other side and then back.  One chapter in her book is about "Reassigned Children" and what happens to the children who are aborted.  I received permission from the publisher to post it here.

Short Poem  -  The Cry of An Unborn Child, by Gabrielle Kruger  

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Below are some brief comparisons of the greater view of life compared to the limited worldly view.

Real Life vs. Earth Life

All mystics, sages, and saints have said there is one basic source of all things.  The essence of this source is love and contentment. You are part of this oneness, and so is your baby.  The unseen world is much more real than the one we see.

The worldly view is that you only know what you can see.  This earth life is all there is, and you  just happen to exist.

Connected vs. Separate

You are connected to all things and to everybody else.  Every energy you send out returns to you again.  This is why I encourage you to choose life.

In the worldly view of life, you are separate.  You are all alone, an isolated individual.  Your own interests are all you need to pursue.

Choice vs. Chance

You chose to come live in this "earth school" to learn and develop.  You chose your family and this time in the history of the earth.

The worldly view is that you are here merely by chance.  You didn't choose any of it, and therefore you aren't responsible for your life.

Purpose vs. No Purpose

You are here on this earth for a learning experience, as part of a grand plan for growth, development, and happiness.  I like to think of this present existence as a "time and space game" because I prefer to pursue life with a sense of fun and adventure!

The worldly view is that there is no purpose and no grand plan to this life.

Eternal vs. Limited

You are an eternal being who existed "before" this life and will exist "after" this life.  Your real existence is actually outside of time and space, and much of who you are still resides outside of time and space right now.

In the worldly view, your existence is limited to this earth.  You had a beginning and will have an end, and then you'll be gone!  You are limited in time and space.

Relationships vs. Isolation

Before this life, you knew all the major people who would be involved in this life with you.  In fact, you agreed to come here together for certain purposes.  You made agreements and commitments prior to this life about this life.  

In the worldly view, you had no connections or associations prior to this life, and you certainly didn't make any agreements or commitments to anybody. 

My brief story about pre-earth relationships and why we have so many boys in our family.  The link will open a new window so you can return here.

Picture of Christopher and Family

Eternal Relationships vs. Temporary

In the next sphere of existence you will meet again all the major "players" in your earth life.  You will process the happenings of this life, and plan other experiences together.  You continue to "hang around" with the same group of beings.

The worldly view offers no such meaningful connection.  Every relationship and connection is simply temporary.


If you really are a part of God, a being of light, connected to everything, who chose to come here with a specific purpose as part of a grand plan, then so is your baby.  

If you really existed before this life, and will exist after, and will have eternal relationships, then so will your baby. 


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Thanks for your time, and may all blessings be yours.


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