My Story About Our Boys 
by Christopher Westra

 My wife and I have all boys - four of them.  When people ask how we ended up with so many boys - I tell them this story.

In the pre-earth existence, my wife was such a beautiful being of light that she always had a lot of male beings of light hanging around her.  A whole bunch of them wanted to be her husband here on earth so we had to have a competition.

In that competition for her partnership on earth - I won out.  The other competitors still wanted to be close to her on earth, and chose to come to earth as our children!  That's why we have so many boys.

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For my mommy (The cry of an unborn child)
by Gabrielle Kruger  

Hello mommy, this is me, your baby-

I知 just a tiny someone, floating in your tummy, feeling nice and snug and warm.

When God made me, He gave me a soul and sent a special angel to look after me,

And an angel to look after you too.


I知 growing a little bit every day and soon I値l get my own fingers and toes.

Once my ears have developed properly, I値l be able to hear the sound of your voice.

Please mommy, don稚 let them hurt me-I値l do my very best to be good.

I just want a chance to live my life and be someone special in yours.


I値l make you breakfast on Mothers Day and draw pictures, made specially for you.

I値l sing loudly in my first school concert and try my hardest at everything I do!

There might be days when I知 a bit naughty and make you scream and shout,

But I値l also give you plenty of hugs and kisses, to cheer you up when you池e sad.


Oh mommy please, just give me a chance

We don稚 need to live in a big fancy house and I don稚 need a room filled with toys

All I ask of you is your loveand a chance to love you back.

I want to be able to call you 杜om, and hear you say I知 yours


I long to feel the grass tickle my toesand the warmth of the sun on my back.

I want to experience the excitement of my first day at school

And the joy of playing with my friends.

Don稚 listen to the voices saying it値l be easier when I知 gone

God chose YOU to be my mommy

And He chose me to teach you about LOVE!


So please mommy, don稚 let me down, I know God and His angels will help.

Be strong for mehold on to meyou値l be grateful in Eternity !


Written by Gabrielle Kruger  

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