How to Harvest and Prepare Plants in a Sacred Way

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How to increase your sacred relationship with the earth.  This book includes bonus recipes.


How to harvest and prepare plants is a book of the spirit.  I've been working with herbs and natural foods for years, and Ms. Twelve Trees taught me how to ask permission of the plants while harvesting.

The world needs the centering, the focus, and the spiritual connection described in this book!

Christopher Westra

Discover the secrets to having your own spirit connection with the plants in your world.

Be reading this book in minutes.

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  • Freedom from the "fast food" mentality.

  • Sacred words that affect the spirit of all things.

  • A new connection with the earth and its plants.

  • Increased health, awareness, and confidence.

  • Trust that the earth can provide all our material needs.


Each culture has traditional ways, tools and language, to use in blessing and harvesting plants.  We need to be reminded what they are.

We need to practice them. This book helps us do that.  

M. Tsosie – Navajo


Ms. Twelve Trees’ contemporary message is one of pure and simple truth.

Echoing the wisdom of the ancients; respect and reverence for life and harmony and right relationships with nature, are the keys to vibrant health and well-being on all levels.

Gwen Moon - Anishinaabe


Here are just some of the spirit-expanding secrets this book has for you

  • Why nature is more powerful than man, and how to use that power to increase your health and focus.

  • How to make food preparation a focused purposeful activity like it used to be for many cultures.

  • Many sacred ways to connect with the earth, including songs and sacred words.

  • How to create and use personal power objects when harvesting and preparing foods..

  • The spiritual benefits and peace of mind you can have when getting away from the mentality of "instant gratification".

  • How to use water and prayer for thanksgiving offerings.

  • Why personal spiritual growth and good health go hand in hand.

  • How to find personal power objects that have deep meaning for you.

  • Why words spoken out loud have greater power than merely thinking the words.

  • How to tell when you have harvested enough from a particular area.


Ms. Twelve Trees offers concepts reminding us about sacred ways.

We need them, to take us back to a good connection to the Earth and plants.

In the old days, Paiutes could talk to the plants, but you had to do it in their language.

Gary Tom – Paiute


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